Register As Mentor

An individual who is interested to register as BMEN mentor must have adequate experience, knowledge, skill and expertise in business-related areas and must be committed to encouraging and assisting his/her mentees to develop their business to its full potential. The mentor must be willing to provide mentorship on a voluntary basis and spend time with mentees through one-to-one or group engagements on a mutually agreed approach.

To be registered as BMEN mentor, he/she must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Successful Entrepreneurs (who own successful business - at least 5 years in business) / Academic / Professional OR Expert in a business-related field (e.g. business development, technical, marketing, finance, legal, logistic, etc).
  • Visionary and demonstrates strong leadership with ability to set goals and targets and deliver on these targets.
  • Able to simplify complicated concepts and deliver into easy-to-understand content that is appealing and engaging to mentees.
  • Passionate in helping MSMEs/startups and willing to volunteer their own time, knowledge and expertise to BMEN registered mentees.
  • Strong communication skill (in English and/or in Malay).
  • Strong motivational and interpersonal skills with people of different background and status.
  • Possibility to provide networking support.
  • Residents of Brunei (including foreign nationals).


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