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Virtual Mentor Circles Cycle 2

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Brunei Mentors for Entrepreneurs Network (BMEN) runs “Virtual Mentor Circles” which is an online group mentoring programme designed to help business share and discuss problems faced in a specific area of business, set goals and build competence and confidence in working individually on goals with the resources, guidance, support, and motivation of BMEN mentors.


Logistics/ Event Details

Location/medium of meeting: Zoom

Duration of circle meeting: 1.5 - 2 hours per session

Matching: Mentor and mentee will be paired by BMEN based on their details and preferences.

Date & Time: Based on the availability of the mentor and mentees


Commitment & Frequency of Meetings

BMEN is setting the period of a Mentor Circle to 3 months so that we can measure the impact and effectiveness of the programme. Mentors must commit to attending a meeting once a month for 3 months but are more than welcome to meet more frequently within the 3 months.


Circle Structure

Every circle will focus on a specific topic or theme related to business and consist of:

  • 1 mentor
  • maximum of 5 mentees
  • facilitator from BMEN.





  • Information of the mentees will be shared prior to the meetings to help the mentors prepare in the discussions.
  • It is important for the mentor to discuss with BMEN on how they would like to lead the circle prior to the meetings to ensure the discussion runs smoothly.
  • After the meetings, mentors are expected to provide feedback and recommendations on improving the Mentor Circle as well as how DARe could assist the businesses.



  • Before the first meeting commences, Mentees must share details of their business what they would like to achieve from participating in the circle.
  • Mentees are expected to provide feedback when requested by DARe.
  • Mentees may only join a maximum of 2 circles per cycle.

Please refer to the BMEN Handbook for other expectations when joining BMEN.



All information shall be confidential and only discussed within the circles. Each person must enter with a willingness to share openly and honestly. Conversation will flow more freely if everyone is able to trust each other


Personal Commitment

Commitment to the success of the connection includes attending all meetings, preparing for the meetings, completing action items identified by the group, and actively participating in conversations. Personal commitment is needed to keep a connection sustained and beneficial for all


Good Communication

The quality of conversation and communication will determine the success of each meeting. Conversations need to be open, in depth, and inclusive in order to be beneficial. Building trust and commonality will help with communication barriers that may exist.


BMEN Support (Facilitation)

BMEN as the facilitator will be to support and ensure that the Mentor Circle is run smoothly and that the meetings are productive and valuable. Facilitation is used to help Mentor Circle get off to a good start and to stay focused during the early stages of the mentoring. The facilitator’s role involves introducing the group, moderating introductions, encouraging participation, ensure timeliness of the meetings and clarifying expectations. BMEN will be responsible for scheduling and coordinating meetings. BMEN will also collect feedback to ensure continuous improvement.


Presence of DARe

From time to time, DARe representatives may be present to observe and provide feedback if there are possible ways for DARe to assist in the relevant topics discussed.

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