Personal Profile

Edwin Lim


With over 20 years of industry experiences in project management, business process re-engineering, business process improvement and change management, Edwin has created his own company, Soapboxer Company, to share his learnings and coaches those who need them. Also a strong public speaker, he has created a series of soft-skill programs to benefit the masses. His flagship program SOAPBOX helps those with speech anxiety overcome their fear of public speaking


Professional Details

Company Name
Soapboxer Company
Industry Background
Professional, Technical, Administrative & Support Services
Field(s) of Expertise
Orator, Project Management, Business Process Improvement, Change Management
Area(s) of Mentorship
Public Speaking, Pitching, Project Management, Idea Generation

Mentoring Details

Mentor Type
Business Owner
Preferred Language of Communication
Preferred Mentorship Length
6 months
Meeting Frequencies
Twice a month
Number of Hours per Meeting Session
1 hour