Personal Profile

Rahman Yoonus


Rahman Yoonus is passionate about all things technology and is certified by Microsoft and Google in different domains. He strongly believes in simplifying complexity. He has mentored in several hackathons, spoke in conferences and actively contributes to the community. Think Axis Solutions specializes in building web & mobile platforms with focus in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence. They have gladly served companies all over world including Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, and the USA. There is a 60% chance that anyone living in Brunei has interacted with thier technology products.


Professional Details

Company Name
Think Axis Solutions
Industry Background
Computer programming, consultancy and related activities
Field(s) of Expertise
Software Engineering; Programming; Business Automation; Digitalisation
Area(s) of Mentorship
Digitalisation; Business Operations; Idea to Product; Entrepreneurial Journey; Process Automation;

Mentoring Details

Mentor Type
Business Owner
Preferred Language of Communication
Preferred Mentorship Length
6 months
Meeting Frequencies
Once a month
Number of Hours per Meeting Session
1 hour