Personal Profile

Thye Sing Wong


Thye founded Poni Divers, Brunei's leading dive & watersports operator in 2009 and went on to grow it to award-winning Poni Group Sdn Bhd with 4 subsidiaries over the next decade; Poni Divers, a household name in Brunei with a branch in Bali and a homestay in Serasa; Poni Marine offering services to the offshore, construction, media, military & maritime industries; Poni Adventures as Brunei's premier outdoor teambuilding & adventure specialist, and Poni Tec, Brunei's technical diving pioneer exploring deepwater tech wrecks. Poni has been featured on CNN, KBS, CCTV, ASTRO, placing Brunei diving on the map as an international diving destination, and was also recently awarded the ASEAN Business SME Excellence for Growth. Thye was one of the earliest adopters of digital media for business in Brunei and successfully transformed the public perception of Brunei's oceans & diving from something unknown & extreme to one of appreciation and excitement through innovative marketing strategies, numerous school talks & youth initiatives and groundbreaking marine conservation volunteer programs. He is also an established & certified teambuilding facilitator having hosted over 100 events in the last 8 years and personally leads joint operations with national emergency response teams for special underwater search & recovery & body recovery projects. Thye also has a committed interest in the local travel industry having sat on the Association of Travel Agents Brunei Executive Committee for 6 years, holding the VP position for 3 years. He started making an impact in diving early on after founding the University of Alberta's Dive Club becoming elected to Alberta Underwater Council's Board as the youngest Director ever. In his previous life, he worked as a graphics & web designer during his high school days and later as an equities trader in Canada with a background in Economics and dabbled in startups in marketing & events management in the arts & entertainment industries during his brief 1 year stint in China.


Professional Details

Company Name
Poni Group Sdn Bhd
Industry Background
Professional, Technical, Administrative & Support Services
Field(s) of Expertise
Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Civic Engagement
Area(s) of Mentorship
Startups, Marketing Strategy

Mentoring Details

Mentor Type
Business Owner
Preferred Language of Communication
Preferred Mentorship Length
Anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. months
Meeting Frequencies
Once a month
Number of Hours per Meeting Session
Anywhere from 1 to 3 hours depending on the topic and availability.