Personal Profile

Reuben Chin

Startup Development Manager

I believe that a great team is a collective of individuals that can disagree and debate productively, so that the best ideas always win. I facilitate a culture of healthy conflict so that we can build a more innovative world together. I have negotiated and managed multi-million dollar portfolios in multiple industries, founded (and failed at) several start-ups, learned to teach young adults as a university lecturer and trained over 8,000 individuals to communicate and collaborate as a corporate trainer. Outside of my career, I have had the opportunity to lead a non-profit organisation with over 3,000 members in Brunei, East Malaysia and Indonesia. I am grateful for having learnt a great deal from prolific business, community and thought leaders through moderating panels, forums and public interviews. And I hope to share as much as I learn.


Professional Details

Company Name
Darussalam Enterprise
Industry Background
Professional, Technical, Administrative & Support Services
Field(s) of Expertise
Communications, Organisational Behaviour, Conflict Management
Area(s) of Mentorship
Leadership and Business Development, Project and Change Management

Mentoring Details

Mentor Type
Preferred Language of Communication
Preferred Mentorship Length
12 months
Meeting Frequencies
Twice a month
Number of Hours per Meeting Session
2 hours