Personal Profile

Izan Zein

Strategic Planning , Negotiations , Communications and Mindset

The name is Izan however alot of people know me as the Lion or DJ . I have worked in entertainment , F n B , Fitness Industry , Events as well as Legal areas of Law . I am known to be very tech savy as well as a very highly skilled negotiator as well as an Angel investor for some local business start ups . My specialty in Marketing , Branding and Sales make me very aware of the trends that are currently happening and able to adapt to the times using a minimist approach , Business Developing in terms of recognising opportunities and developing those relationships needed to excel and execute visions. I bridge the gap needed with my pool of network . I myself have been mentored by amazing mentors and love imparting the same wisdom to any entreprenuer or any one who chooses to want to be set apart and have that unique point . I also am a mentor where I mentee ppl in areas of communication, getting over fear as well as mental balance and unlocking their potential in industries they would flourish in. I also build connections , nurture them and always stay engaged. I believe I have a dynamic way of dealing with issues at hand. I am someone who is open to learning and adapting fast to any given environment . If I am unaware of how something is to be done , I will find ways to innovate as well as to solve the issue at hand with the help of a team or by myself . Either way I respect all views and will always find a solution with a positive mindset . I have been in the entertainment field as a radio broadcaster , a Ted X Speaker , A Marketer and a people person . I thrive on relationships and I take such pride in seeing a team I build grow and prosper together to achieve and celebrate the desired outcomes . Punctuality is always something my team can count on as well as accountability. I lead by example and I am a good follower as well , always intending for the people around me to shine . I am able to recognize talent and synergize it well with others. With these qualities and skills in mind , I have helped companies to hit their necessary KPIs as well as train the people in the company to be assets .My biggest strength is Communication and I am known to be an amazing communicator that gets points across in the time frame needed .


Professional Details

Company Name
Industry Background
Information & Communication
Field(s) of Expertise
Marketing and Law , Strategic Planning , Branding , People Management , Negotiations
Area(s) of Mentorship
Strategic Planning , Law , Pitching , Branding , Sales and Marketing

Mentoring Details

Mentor Type
Preferred Language of Communication
Preferred Mentorship Length
6 months
Meeting Frequencies
Twice a week
Number of Hours per Meeting Session
45 mins