Personal Profile

Hafimi Abdul Haadii


She is an Old Geelong Grammarian; Alumnus of Deakin University - graduating with Honours in Architecture; Founding Member of Young Entrepreneur Association Brunei; APEC Business Advisory Council Member; Asia Business Leaders Advisory Council Member; Member of the Legislative Council of Brunei, University Brunei Darussalam Council, Digital Economy Council ; Board Member of Darussalam Enterprise, Bank Usahawan; Chairperson – Yayasan Committee on Social Enterprise. In 2019, she was appointed as the Chairman of the Competition Commission of Brunei Darussalam She holds a deep interest in shaping the future of young entrepreneurs with various mentorship roles within private and public organisations. “Be willing to try, be willing to fail, be willing to listen, be willing to learn, but the greatest lesson in life is to be willing to give it a go” is a constant reminder to herself in her continuous journey of service to her community and her country. She is married with one son.


Professional Details

Company Name
LVK Group of Companies
Industry Background
Professional, Technical, Administrative & Support Services
Field(s) of Expertise
Strategic planning, international trade, project management
Area(s) of Mentorship
Strategic Planning, International Trade, Effective Networking

Mentoring Details

Mentor Type
Business Owner
Preferred Language of Communication
Preferred Mentorship Length
6 months
Meeting Frequencies
Twice a month
Number of Hours per Meeting Session
1 hour